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Kadey-Krogen's Activity Near Pre-Recession Levels

Vice President Tom Button makes frequent trips to the yard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where Kadey-Krogen yachts have been built for more than 20 years of the 36 years the company's been in production. During his trips his main objective is to check on the status of each semi-custom Kadey-Krogen. He snaps photos throughout the process not only for Kadey-Krogen's records, but also to send along to the eager new owners so they can follow the progress. Many owners refer to the photos as their new baby's sonogram!

Yes, we were all hit hard during the recession. It's been a difficult few years for most businesses and individuals, but the tide has changed and the momentum is building fast. Needless to say, Tom came back from his most recent trip with an impressive number of photos given all the activity in the yard. A few of the highlights are shown to the right.

The boat in the earliest stages of production is the newest Krogen 55' Expedition. She is being built for a family from New England (mom, dad and their two daughters) who plan to take delivery in Alaska. After spending much of the summer exploring southeast Alaska they will make their way south towards Panama and through the canal while homeschooling the girls. They plan to spend the winter in the Caribbean before heading north to spend the summer of 2015 as far north as Nova Scotia. The picture shows the inside of the hull mold being sprayed with US made UV inhibited premium gel coat. Construction of a Kadey-Krogen actually begins by bolting together the two halves of the hull mold that is dedicated to a specific length model (and is not a stretched version of smaller mold). We fair the seam where the two halves are joined so that there's a smooth and clean release from the mold once lamination is complete. The hull is polished smooth before the gel coat is applied. Sure, it would be cheaper and quicker if we used foreign manufactured gel coats, started laminating the individual hull halves, joined them, continued laminating, and then fair or patch the stem -like most other trawler builders do- but closely inspect our hulls after years of use and see a consistent color, hue and gloss.

The newest Krogen 44' AE is in the next step of production. Hull number 28 was just released from the mold. Prior to the release, the bulkheads and stringers were all glassed into place. Notice all the portholes and scuppers are part of the mold, but no glass has been installed yet. The full length boarding gate is feature that's new on the AE model and is visible on the stern of the boat for easier access to and from the cockpit. Amidships the holes will have haus pipes installed and become double spring cleats which makes for easier for line handling. What you can't see in the photo is the aramid fiber used as part of the lamination of the hull. Aramid fibers are what make bullet proof vests, well, bullet proof. Doesn't that sound like an ideal product for a blue water cruising yacht? Kadey-Krogen Yachts is the only trawler builder that utilizes an aramid fiber as part of the lamination schedule.

Krogen #5820 recently had the hull, superstructure and fly bridge joined together and is now beginning to have the joinery installed. The high bow and fine entry is particularly evident and are two of the many features that will keep the owners safer and more comfortable while at sea. There are several other things to point out in this photo. The amidship portholes are now larger to allow for more light and ventilation in the guest cabin. Moving to the right, notice the cradle supporting the boat. This custom made cradle will be home until she is set into the water. Continuing to the right, focus on the bow eye on the front of the boat right above the water line. The bow eye provides an attachment point for a snubber when anchoring thereby allowing you to reduce scope when anchoring.

Just ahead in production is the next Krogen 48' AE, #48044. More of the joinery has been installed as well as the Diamond Sea Glaze Windows. Around the bow and side decks the teak cap rail has been installed. Owners have a choice of leaving it natural, varnished, or painted with Awlgrip for less maintenance. Notice also the enlarged and spacious boarding gate in the cockpit that was new to the AE edition.

Krogen 58', hull number 19 is ready to be shipped from Taiwan to the east coast of the United States. Notice this Krogen 58' has a radar arch (folded back for shipping). She was built for a couple who moved up from a Krogen 48' North Sea. The finished product is truly a masterpiece that came together with the hard work of master craftsman and highly skilled engineers.

And if a new yacht isn't part of your plan, you still better hurry. Brokerage sales are up significantly over the last year. Let us help you achieve your dreams with a new build or brokerage vessel.