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The Year in Review

December 17, 2012

2012 was quite a year within the Kadey-Krogen family at both a personal and professional level. At the personal level I felt like a proud papa at Shannon's wedding. In many of her Krogen musings she has referred to me as her "work dad" and I must admit that I did shed a tear as she and Dave shared their wedding vows. I can only imagine what I will be like should my "real" daughter decide to head down the aisle at some point.

On the professional side, Kadey-Krogen Yachts was blessed with a number of awards in 2012 from both trawler enthusiasts and marine journalists. Continuing in the tradition of the our newer models - the Krogen 48' AE and the Krogen 55' Expedition - the new Krogen 52' was a multi-time winner of the prestigious PassageMaker Magazine People's Choice Award in 2012. The Krogen 52' having won the coveted award at both the Fort Lauderdale and Anacortes TrawlerFests. That now makes Kadey-Krogen a ten time winner of this prestigious award!

Marine journalists appear to have agreed with the public as the Krogen 52' was voted the Active Interest Media (AIM) Marine Group Editor's Choice for the Best PassageMaker in the 50 to 60 foot range. In addition to this award, both PassageMaker Magazine and Sea Magazine featured the Krogen 52' on their covers.

2012 was not just the year of the Krogen 52'. It was also a busy year for the Krogen 44'. This past in May we launched the first ever Kadey-Krogen with gyroscopic stabilization as opposed to active fins or paravanes. The Seakeeper system was used at the request of a new Krogen 44' owner. They would be extensively cruising the Far East in many remote areas strewn with kelp and other obstructions and did not want the traditional active fin stabilization system. While this system is more expensive and requires the generator to operate, it does have the advantage of providing stabilization at rest. This particular Krogen 44' was launched in Kaohsiung Harbor and is presently making its way to Phuket, Thailand.

Based upon how well the ergonomic changes to the Krogen 48' were received in 2011, we embarked on a project to create an Advanced Ergonomics version of the Krogen 44'. This was not an easy feat in a vessel this size, but one that has created a vessel with the liveability and capability second to none in its size range complete with a Viking range, full size (18 cubic foot) refrigerator/freezer, and real house-like straight risers and treads. Look for the new Krogen 44' AE to make her stateside debut this winter.

I look forward to seeing you in Seattle, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach this winter and showing you how a Kadey-Krogen Yacht is at home on ANY sea.

Larry Polster
Vice President
Kadey-Krogen Yachts