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Post Holiday Thoughts Aboard a Krogen 48' North Sea

What is it about being on the water that makes a holiday seem so special? We know folks who lament the relative isolation, but we do not. Those aspects of a traditional holiday that are successfully carried over to the experience afloat seem to take on additional meaning, and the non-traditional aspects seem to add a heightened sense of adventure.

Ask us about our first Thanksgiving on a boat, and you'll be regaled with enthusiastically given details about the trip from Savannah to Amelia Island aboard our 23' cuddy cabin cruiser. Note the warmth in our voices as we talk about the turkey breast warmed on a burner of the alcohol stove. Listen to the description of the stove top dressing, the canned corn, the instant mashed potatoes, the canned gravy, and the cold olives and cranberry sauce snatched at the last moment from the small refrigerator under the stove. How delicious was the boxed wine! How warm were the toasts we offered each other as we touched our green plastic cups!

Ask about our New Years Eve aboard Tusen Takk (Norwegian for 'thousand thanks'), our faithful 42' Krogen, spent rafted up with friends in the quiet waters just behind the barrier island Wassaw, east of the ICW along the northern coast of Georgia. Grilled lobster tails and filet mignon, twice-baked potatoes, steamed asparagus, and cheesecake for dessert. Wine and champagne, of course. And toasts, offered with glasses etched with the outlines of our vessels. After which we donned warm coats and stepped out into the crisp air to ponder our good fortune under the brilliantly twinkling stars. In the distance we could see fireworks, but the night was still and quiet, save for the surf on the other side of the island.

Or ask about our latest Christmas, aboard Tusen Takk II, our beloved 48' Krogen, spent at Titusville Municipal Marina. What a feast, made possible by galley facilities that rival those found on land, and topped off with our traditional home-made pecan pie. The holiday was shared with a dear friend of Barb that she has had since grade school. And so we toasted to life-long friendships. We live aboard now, able to go where we please, pretty much when we please. As if to celebrate that fact, the ladies embarked that warm day on an after-dinner expedition to the sea shore just north of the Kennedy Space Center, where they were pleased to see a Scarlet Ibis.

So, holidays on the water have been special for us. Whether we are by ourselves, or sharing them with old friends, or sharing them with new friends we make as we cruise, they have been and will be special. For that, we say 'tusen takk'. Skoal!

Chuck and Barb Shipley
Tusen Takk II
KK48-022 North Sea