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Possibly the Most Capable Trawler in the World
That certainly is a bold statement. One you would expect to be followed with words like "Meet 'Bruiser', a 150' Expedition Yacht". Instead I'm talking about the Krogen 44', one of the smaller yachts we build. How can that be?

One definition of capability is "the ability to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent". Based upon that definition it is logical to assume that the most capable trawler in the world must be able to cross oceans. The Krogen 44' has certainly done that. Take the Krogen 44' Le reve for example. In the summer of 2008 she crossed the North Atlantic nonstop from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, to the port of Horta, on the Island of Faial in the Azores, a distance of 2,250 NM. That was the first leg of a journey that brought Le reve to IJmuiden, Netherlands, in three legs. The second leg of the trip, 1,268 NM, took her to Plymouth, England. And the final leg to Holland was a short jaunt of 367 NM. While many trans-Atlantic passagemakers stop at Bermuda for fuel, the owners of Le reve decided to forego the stop since it would have taken them significantly out of their way and they were comfortable with the range of their Krogen 44'. Other trawlers in her size range utilize nearly 50% more fuel to cover similar distances. So not only is the Krogen 44' a bluewater trawler, she's able to "achieve efficiently" too.

Also embodied in "achieve efficiently" is the comfort factor. It is one thing to take a vessel across an ocean, but something entirely else to be comfortable both during the journey as well as in port or at anchor off a remote beach. Unfortunately many people tend to overlook liveability and ergonomics when evaluating a blue water trawler and once cruising, they tire of simple tasks being difficult. Perhaps that is why such a large percentage of other trawlers are on the resale market. On a Krogen 44' it's just a few steps up to the pilothouse down or to the accommodations from the saloon and galley and the washer and dryer are on the same level as both staterooms. Simple, easy and efficient.

There certainly are other true bluewater trawlers however once they get to their destination, most experience if "from the sidelines" due to draft and/or air draft (height) restrictions. Take a transatlantic voyage to Europe as an example. Once there, most trawler owners see Europe from the perspective of the areas bordering the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black, North and Baltic Seas. What makes the Krogen 44' unique is that after crossing the Atlantic, she can transit Europe from Amsterdam to the Black Sea via the Rhine and Danube - a distance of nearly 2300 nm! She can experience Europe from the perspective of hundreds of towns along the route in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania. From the definition above, the Krogen 44' does "...whatever one has to do..." and Le reve did just that.

So there you have it. A comfortable and efficient trawler that crosses oceans and canal systems (both international and domestic). The Krogen 44. Possibly the most capable trawler yacht in the world.