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Carbs and Krogens

Yesterday, December 29, 2010 a friend of mine made a New Year's resolution to not eat so many carbohydrates. I said that was a great resolution for 2011, but she said "No, I mean for 2010". Yes, with just three days left in 2010 she made the resolution. As the saying goes, better late than never.

So what does her resolution have to do with Kadey-Krogen Yachts? It's no secret that many of you will some day own a Kadey-Krogen but that some of you have put your decision to purchase on the back burner for one reason or another. Be it kids in college, a job opportunity, or the economy from Summer 2008 through early 2010, you had a reason for not moving forward. Notice that I said "reason" and not "excuse" as your decisions were based upon logic.

There were others, however, that employed a different form of logic to reach their decision. As we make New Year's resolutions and head into 2011, I share with you a blog entry from a new Kadey-Krogen owner - one that clearly employed a different form of logic.

"I can honestly tell you that I did a lot of thinking during that endless ride to the airport. Though work is a necessary evil at this point in life, I vowed to not make it the driving force in my life. Spending this week aboard our precious boat, taking life easier than we had ever done, reveling in gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and just enjoying being in the moment was a lesson in living. Life is about the small but memorable moments - and taking the time to capture and live those moments fully. Carpe Diem!"

May 2011 be the year that your cruising dreams become a reality, carbs or no carbs.

Happy New Year to all.

Larry Polster
Vice President
Kadey-Krogen Yachts