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Krogen 52' Progress Update #3 - December 8, 2010

I must admit, I have been a little remiss in reporting progress on the tooling of the new Krogen 52'. In the five weeks since I made the last report, the construction of the stiffening frame around the hull mold was completed and the two halves of the mold were pulled from the wooded plug. The crew has bolted the two halves together but before lamination of the first hull can begin, they must cut in and create plugs for the port holes and bow thruster. In the photos, you can see that the portholes for port side have already been cut in and they have marked the starboard port holes and bow thruster opening with blue tape. Once these are cut in, the crew will clean and polish the mold and begin the first hull.

Meanwhile, two other crews have been preparing the deck/superstructure plug and the boat deck/flybridge plug for the lamination process that will create their molds. In the photo of the foredeck and Portuguese bridge you can see that the bow seats and storage lockers are in place as are the port and starboard wing stations - both standard features on the Krogen 52'.

All the activity surrounding the 52' is not just taking place at the yard in Taiwan. Dave Glasco, our staff naval architect and Tom Button, our Vice President of Operations have been working with our launch partners on detailed equipment specification. Internally we have been working on joinery details and we will soon be working through an iterative process with each couple as they lay out the boat of their dreams.

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