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Krogen 52' Progress Update #1

In January we announced the addition of the Krogen 52' to our line of Pure Full Displacement trawler yachts and today I am pleased to share with you the first of what will be a series of regular updates on this already popular new model. To some, "already popular" means that there is a lot of interest. To Kadey-Krogen Yachts, it means four confirmed orders!

One of the design tenets of Kadey-Krogen Yachts is Architectural Integrity - each set of tooling being built for a specific model for a specific purpose. Like all Kadey-Krogen models, production of the Krogen 52' begins with a completely new mold rather than stretching the mold of an existing vessel. As John Wooldridge, editor-in-chief of PassageMaker Magazine points out in a recent review, Kadey-Krogen builds with "sensible hallmarks that experienced owners demand."

Tooling for the Krogen 52' began in early May and already you can see that distinctive Pure Full Displacement hull taking shape. If you look closely you will see the distinctive counter-faired keel which increases fuel efficiency. This week the yard will begin the tooling for the deck and superstructure mold and in a few short months we'll have the wooden plugs upon which the actual useable fiberglass molds will be created.

While our launch partners are busy making plans, there are a few slots still available at very attractive pre-production pricing. To learn more about the Krogen 52' click here: or contact your Kadey-Krogen representative.

Larry Polster
Vice President
Kadey-Krogen Yachts