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LiLi and Yolo

LiLi and Yolo. No itis not the name of a new childrenis book. LiLi and Yolo are two of the most aptly named boats for these times.

What am I talking about and how did I come to this startling revelation? Itis actually all Sashais fault. LiLi, Yolo, Sasha? I know what youire thinking. Larry must have spent too much time around curing epoxy resin!

So what are these names? Letis start with the easy one, Sasha. She is my familyis affable Portuguese Water Dog whom I am fortunate to bring to the office most days. Sasha is one of those dogs that is part of the family, both office and home, and knows it. She is one of those dogs that makes you want to set aside time each and every day to go outside, enjoy the fresh air, play fetch, and watch her romp around enjoying all the outdoors has to offer. We all should take a lesson from Sasha and it is because of Sasha that I found Yolo.

Fall on the Chesapeake means a crisp clear blue sky and amazing colors as the leaves turn an array of spectacular colors before falling to the ground. It was shortly after sun up one morning last month when Sasha and I turned and headed back towards the office. My eye caught the name of a sailboat I had passed before. Somehow I never noticed the name. Was it the angle of the sun that made it catch my eye? Who knew. The name of the boat was Yolo and in small letters underneath, the explanation, 'You only live once'.

And LiLi? She is the Krogen 48i North Sea owned by Betty Robinson. Yes, a single female. And what does LiLi mean? iLiving Lifei.

The things you regret are the things you didnit do. What will be your LiLi, Sasha, or Yolo?

Larry Polster
Vice President