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New Ice Skating Rink?

Boy, it sure resembles an ice rink doesn't it? What you are really looking at is part of the sole of the new Krogen 55' Expedition. Yes, just part. The photo was taken from where the door to the master stateroom will be.

As you can see, construction of the new Krogen 55' Expedition continues to move forward at a sure and steady pace with Hull #1 scheduled to arrive by year end. The current stage of production is an excellent one to photograph as it shows the robust details 'under the covers' and what is behind the scenes in the construction of a Kadey-Krogen.

In the last issue of our newsletter 'Waypoints' I wrote about how we laminate the hull of each and every Kadey-Krogen as a single piece, as opposed partially laminating two halves and then joining them together during the construction process. Those of you that remember that article will recall that when the latter method is used (which is used by the majority of builders because it is quicker and therefore cheaper), the hull, especially at the stem, requires patching and fairing after being released from the mold, which over time will wear different from the rest of the hull causing discoloration. Look at the photos to the right and you can see exactly what I mean. The red boat used the two piece method and the blue boat is the Krogen 55' Expedition. Notice the uniformity in color at the stem, fresh out of the mold, not waxed or even washed!

A lasting exterior is just one part of the overall value equation. Strength and quality of construction, while often hidden and taken for granted, play a large part in the long term value of any yacht. In these photos you can see the eight massive longitudinal stringers and seven structural bulkheads comprising the supporting spine of this world class yacht. Also visible are where the four water tight doors will be separating the lazarette, engine room, machinery space, battery compartment and the collision bulkhead.

The installation of the premium machine such as the John Deere Marine Engines is also well underway. You can see the port engine being lowered onto the welded aluminum beds that have already been through-bolted to the fiberglass encapsulated mahogany stringers. At the aft end of the engine you see the transmission, shaft coupling and hydraulic power takeoff that will drive the stabilizers, hydraulic bow thruster and hydraulic windlass n all standard equipment on the Krogen 55' Expedition.

The interior layout of the 55' Expedition, with the majority of the living on one level, allows for a large machinery space below decks and separate from the heat of the engine room. In one of the photos you can see Mr. Lin and his son Jeff (both over 6' tall) standing in the machinery space which begins at the second water-tight door from the back and ends at another water tight door near the bow. Over 15 feet in length this space houses the main fuel tanks, water tanks, filters for the engines and generator, fuel polishing system, stabilizers, chilled water A/C compressors, fresh water pumps, hot water tank, freezer, workbench and a sink. And yes, this space has its own conditioning! And yes, it's all standard equipment!

With the cabin sole in place, visual progress will be rapid. Check back often over the next several weeks and watch the progress. Better yet, make one your own! To quote John Maxwell, "People create success in their lives by focusing on today. It may sound trite, but today is the only time you have. It's too late for yesterday. And you can't depend on tomorrow. That's why today matters." What will YOU do today that matters?