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Kadey-Krogen family extends beyond new yachts
Here at Kadey-Krogen we work hard to maintain a strong relationship with our owners, whether the boat is new or new to you. We thought Krogen enthusiasts would be interested in the following email sent to us by Randy Thompson, the proud owner of "Soul Tender", a Krogen 39'.

November 11, 2006

Hi Tom,

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Time flies...

It was a pleasure to meet you at the show as well.

Since my purchase of Soul Tender, I have met and/or talked with a number of Krogen employees and I want to take the chance to offer my thanks, appreciation and praise about everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with as well as the company in general. I could provide names easily, and perhaps I should, but I believe that this goes beyond the individual. Even though I purchased Soul Tender as a used vessel, Krogen has treated me as a valued part of the Krogen family since the beginning. Everyone at Krogen has always been willing to take the time discuss my vessel and provide any and all information or advice they could. This includes doing research on Soul Tender specifically to provide details of exactly how she was built.

This attitude and willingness is obviously part of the Krogen corporate culture and it is invaluable, refreshing and truly appreciated. It enhances the entire "Krogen experience" immeasurably and helps to make one proud to be a Krogen owner. My thanks to you and everyone there for this and for building such an excellent and useable vessel.

My sincere thanks to you and to everyone at Krogen,

Randy Thompson

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