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Trawler Fest Lake Park

Well, departing for this show was a bit different than last week for Miami. No beautiful sunrise. Just nasty snow, a delay, and a deicing of the plane! It was extremely nice to leave snowy Maryland for beautiful, sunny, and warm West Palm Beach! Definite work perk.

Perfect day to be getting out of Dodge.

Larry and I arrived at the Lake Park Harbor Marina just as Bill and John were getting ready to dock Krogen 48' Muddy Waters.  We were supposed to have a Krogen 44' with us at the event, but it sold in the days leading up to the Trawler Fest and fortunately we were able to do a switch. Bill did such an incredible job docking the boat, that one of the Trawler Fest University Attendees came over to ask us to settle a debate. He believed that the boat must be twin engine given how seamlessly Bill was able to dock the boat. He was very surprised to learn that the boat was single screw. Obviously the thrusters are a big help, but it's amazing the control experienced mariners have over the boat. And anyone can learn!

Eventually she was backed in, starboard side to the dock. Very impressive.

The other boat we had in the show was Krogen 58' In Your Dreams. Tom and Jackie are former owners of Krogen 48' In Your Dreams which they traded in after seven years for the bigger boat. I love the boat name, and the story behind it: They had been without a boat for about nine months when Jackie was out on the back of Tom's brother's 70' yacht and said she could see herself on the back of a boat again, enjoying a glass of wine. Tom told her that the only way that would be happening was, "In Your Dreams." Well played, Jackie.

Beautiful boat

Larry and I stayed up in Stuart so that we could have access to our Stuart office should we need to replenish any marketing materials. It's also a relatively quick drive, and the Honda Classic was going on in West Palm Beach so we avoided the hubbub. Upon checking in, we had a great surprise!

Ladies and gentleman, Guest of the Day: Larry P! (I took away his cookies until he reluctantly posed with the sign for this picture.)

While I admit I was a little skeptical of the location of this year's south Florida Trawler Fest, I admit I was pleasantly surprised. The venue was perfect for this type of event. The only thing that would have made it better was to have hotels within walking distance, but as far as the layout of boats, vendors, and seminars - it doesn't get much better than an aptly sized peninsula. The concrete docks weren't even an issue for us as we were able to show off the boarding gates on the aft deck and on the bow. 

Krogen 48' Muddy Waters secure in her slip with the sales team aboard. 

The three-day show was good. There were 50+ boats on display and just about as many vendors. While the final tally on attendees has not yet been released, I believe the attendance was solid. Now that there are seminars all day long we get a touch less traffic than we used to, but it's still a steady showing. There's a lot to learn, look at, and absorb at Trawler Fests - that's why everyone is there! We met some people who were new to us, and nurtured our relationship with many whom we've been working with now. And honestly, no matter what stage of research, comparing, or absorbing - it's always nice to see familiar faces and share in their excitement as they get one step closer to making their dreams come true.

A couple other pictures to share:

Krogen 52' owner Dyan is the epitome of an avid Kadey-Krogen fan. Please note her KKY necklace, tattoo, bracelet, and sticker (that I adorned her bandage with). She has such a free-spirit and is so fun to be around. She's one of my favorites, but don't tell anyone that. 

Larry making his signature Dark 'n' Stormy in Tom and Jackie's galley. Tom is a self-proclaimed rum lover, but had somehow never had a Dark 'n' Stormy! Not surprisingly, he is now hooked. So delicious! 

Jim lost his badge before the show. It was returned on the last day after having been found in a puddle and run over a time or two (or three or four....). This really amused me.

I got to puppy-sit Bentley while his mama went on board the boats. Such a cutie! 

Lastly, and perhaps most exciting, is that In Your Dreams was crowned the winner of the People's Choice Award! That is Kadey-Krogen's 12th People's Choice Award! It's always such an honor to win this. It's a testament to both the company and each of the owners. Countless hours of hard work and love goes into each boat and the award provides extra validation of just that. 

Congrats Tom and Jackie! (Also, if you heard a clamorous sound at around 6:30 this past Saturday regardless of where you were - that was probably when I dropped the bell on the brick after receiving the award. That thing sure was loud!)

Another great event!! Next up, West Palm Beach International Boat Show from March 20 - 23! We'll be there with Krogen 58' Destiny, the 58' that was in Miami. Please come by and see us on Ramp 2 in slip 201. And please let us know if you'd like to set up an appointment!