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Trawler Fest Fort Lauderdale 2013

And here we go again! Show season has kicked off for Winter 2013! Actually, it kicked off the week before Trawler Fest out in Seattle at the Boats Afloat Show, but I was unable to attend that one. So last Monday evening I took a flight down to Stuart so that I could get everything prepped before the show. I always love going down to the Stuart office - it's nice to see the FL crew and I don't hate escaping Maryland when it's 20 degrees and snowing. But I digress. 

PMM's National Sponsor banner welcomed attendees as they made their way to our location.

Wednesday we made our way down to Fort Lauderdale to meet the Krogen 44' AE, Sea Wolf, and the Krogen 52', Keeper. They were running a bit late as they got stuck at some bridges on their way down the ICW, but that sort of thing happens! Kadey-Krogen's Gregg Gandy was onboard Sea Wolf with the owners and was teaching them the tricks of the trade. 

Gregg Gandy masterfully docks the Krogen 44' AE. 

The KKY crew basically has setting up down to a science now. So after quickly getting everything ready for the show Larry, Greg Kaufman (Annapolis salesman), and I had dinner with Maria and Roberto Rosa, owners of Krogen 48' North Sea Gratitude. They made their way down from Massachusetts to attend the T Fest seminars. Their thirst for knowledge and education is really quite impressive. (You can read a piece by them in the Winter 2013 edition of Waypoints!) Thursday was a good opening day to the show. We had lots of familiar faces come back on board, several current owners, and a good amount of newbies. Aside from the overcast skies being deceptively shadey (this is the day I got most sunburned), it was really a great day. PMM decided to host a Rum Fest at the end of the day. All the National Sponsors were able to participate in a signature rum drink competition with rum dedicated by Pusser's. We opted to make a Krogen Punch - equal parts rum, cranberry and oj. It was surprisingly tasty!

Larry and John enjoying one of our signature libations at the Rum Fest.

The winner was selected by attendees' votes. While we may not have won (or even placed! We were gypped!) we didn't miss out on enjoying the evening... and the rum. When the sponsors started to run out of mixers we may have just started to drink it straight. And Larry may or may not have been sipping from and walking around with a bottle of rum in his pocket. Hint: he was.

Bottle of rum. Left pocket.

Friday was similar to Thursday. A nice ebb and flow of people on the docks, though a little more sun. PMM opted to host their poolside cocktail hour on Friday as opposed to Saturday (break down is a HUGE job for them) so we made our way up there at the end of the day. We enjoyed some light fare and cocktails white we waited for the raffle to begin. While we didn't win anything in the raffle, we did win the most coveted award - again!! People's Choice Award. This is the third show the Krogen 52' has been in and the third time she has won. And the eleventh time for KKY! What a record!

Peter and Anne Thyrre are glowingly happy that Keeper won the People's Choice Award!

Peter let me borrow his hat for the photo op so I could try and tame my unruly locks.

Saturday was a bit more of the same as the preceding days, though perhaps a little extra dose of curiosity to see the boat that won the People's Choice Award. All in all, it was a great show! People's interest and drive has really amped up and it seems as though they're going to go ahead with their plans and no longer sit on the sidelines. You need to live your life! Everyone was feeling pretty positive after the Trawler Fest. For those of you who were unable to attend Trawler Fest, the award-winning Krogen 52' and the brand new Krogen 44' AE will be on display in the Trawler Port at the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show at approximately 50th street and Collins Avenue from February 14 - 18. Hope to see you there!!

Picture from one of my morning runs. Too pretty not to share! :)