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Tis' the Season!

We've been pretty busy over here bouncing from event to event. Since Newport we had one weekend off and then went from Baltimore Trawler Fest to our Annapolis Open House to the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous. Busy! But fun.

Baltimore Trawler Fest was great. We had the end of the pier for our Krogen Fleet and it worked out really well for us. We had the new Krogen 44' AE, a brokerage Krogen 44', brokerage Krogen 48' Classic, and a brokerage Krogen 48' Whaleback. Incidentally, it was the first Krogen 48' built and the last Krogen 48' WB built. Kinda cool. We also had a Halvorsen 32' with us that one of our former owners was selling. She actually sold the second day of the show! We're seriously working with others who came to Trawler Fest, so overall we'd deem it a success.

The Annapolis Open House was a little different for us this year. We did it in lieu of the Annapolis Powerboat Show for a variety of reasons. We were able to have 9 boats on display, including one of each current production model. It was so cool to be able to walk from boat to boat and be able to visibly see and feel the differences of each model. I genuinely mean that and I work here! We had a wonderful turnout and all the participants felt the same way. It's also a little more laid back than your typical boat show, so we had people roaming the docks and chatting with owners and our staff. Also, we had three seminars put on by our owners. Michael Samway of Krogen 48' North Sea Muddy Waters talked about the year he and his family took to cruise the Great Loop. Chuck and Barb Shipley of Krogen 48' North Sea Tusen Takk discussed the six years and counting they've spent living aboard and cruising the Caribbean. They actually were departing Annapolis and heading back to Trinidad! Lastly, we had Roberto and Maria Rosa from Krogen 48' North Sea Gratitude describing their experiences of being completely novice boaters to becoming confident cruisers! Be on the lookout for snippets of video from these talks. We plan to replicate this event for next year, so if we missed you this year - we hope to see you next time!

Lastly, we took part in a couple days of the Krogen Cruisers Rendezvous at Calvert Marina in Solomons Island, MD. The Rosas happened to plan then event this year - and despite the rainy, wet weather  - it was a blast. I enjoyed my time there and I've heard nothing but glowing reports from the attendees I've spoken with. Kudos! For more information about the Krogen Cruisers, check out their site here.

Without further ado, here are a couple snapshots:

Krogen pulling into the Inner Harbor. I know I'm biased, but ain't she pretty?

Laura and Jim were so busy on Friday at TF they had to finish their breakfasts after the show!

We celebrated a birthday with the owners of Krogen 44' Sea Dweller with a delicious carrot cake.

John and a much needed Dark n' Stormy after the show.

Who needs a desk?? Finishing up a little work on the docks.

The sky was CRAZY the last day of the show! Fortunately it remained warm and sunny once that cloud cover burnt off.

Our fleet of Krogens from the water for the Open House.

Our fleet of Krogens early morning from land for the Open House.

Rainy weather raft-up in Solomons Island.

The Krogen Cruisers crew!

Beautiful sunset after the rains stopped in Solomons Island.

There's still one more chance to see us this year! We'll be at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show from October 31 - November 4. You can find us on BC dock in the Cruiser Port. We'll have a brand new Krogen 58' with us! Hope to see you there.