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Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show 2014

Just got back from the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show and still riding high. First of all, it's hard for me to believe that was my fifth Miami show! It came at a very welcome time for me personally, as it was definitely time for me to thaw out from the polar vortex and exceptionally cold winter that's been dominating my life. Second, we had a great Open House event in Stuart at the end of January that left me feeling really positive about and excited for the Miami show. 

Beautiful sunrise en route to Miami.

We had two beautiful, new boats in the show and both had rather extensive semi-custom work done. We've found ourselves doing a lot more semi-customizations recently; owners can be quite intuitive and innovative. In fact, we've made a lot of updates to our internal design based on owner suggestions. It's so interesting to get on these boats and see the classic tradition of Kadey-Krogen integrated with the vision and personality of the owners. The boats we had with us were Krogen 58' Destiny and Krogen 44' AE Sweet Ride. It was also fun to have almost our entire KKY sales staff there - unfortunately Paul was a little under the weather and Jim got stuck in Annapolis with the snow. Regardless, it's not often I get to work with everyone all at once and everyone's personality makes up a different element to the Krogen Family. I'm lucky to work with such great people.

Sweet Ride and Destiny all dressed up for the show.

Some of the sales team snacking while waiting for the rush.

Laura trying to evade the snacking picture.

While we found the show to be a little slower and have less traffic than usual, the new people we were meeting were already quite familiar with trawlers, the lifestyle, and Kadey-Krogen. For the most part there tends to be explanations of what a full displacement hull is or how Kadey-Krogen differs from other trawler companies, so it was a bit different than what we're usually doing. There was a lot of discussion among exhibitors about whether the show was slower due to the weather throughout the country messing up people's travel plans - which is probably somewhat valid. The show hours were long and some parts were a little slow, but overall we were very happy with the turn out and the people that we met. As always, it will take a few months to discern whether the show can be deemed 'successful', but it seems to be pointing in that direction.

Some pics...

The cameras and monitor in the pilothouse were helping me keep tabs of everyone during the set up. The top left corner I was able to see John and Larry doing the set up on our float and in the top right and bottom left corners I could see Miguel of Prestige Vision in the engine room taking pictures for our Krogen 58' virtual tour (coming soon!) 

Good times were had at the AIM Media Paint the Town Red Party! (I had to go as the lone soldier from KKY, but managed to find some friends.) 

A HUGE manatee came to hang out with the Krogens for a bit.

A lovely dinner with John and Larry at Lola's. We enjoyed the most delicious-but-accidentally-ordered $100 bottle of Malbec. (Thanks, Larry!)

Boats looking beautiful at the end of the show on a gorgeous, clear Miami night. 

Celebrating my birthday with my family post-Miami show. 29 and holding! :)

If we missed you in Miami, we hope to see you at the Lake Park Trawler Fest coming up next week! We'll be there with a brokerage Krogen 44' as well as another new Krogen 58'! Seems to be shaping into another great event.