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Miami Recap 2013

Oh, Miami... Such a culturally rich and diverse city. And they put on a great boat show! On Wednesday Larry and I took down the super early O'dark thirty flight out of Baltimore. We flew into Fort Lauderdale, rented a car and picked up some necessities on our way down to Miami (re: printer ink, wine, etc.) We arrived in Miami around noon and made our way to the docks for set-up. I was greatly anticipating something going wrong. Usually something tends to happen to make the day difficult, like the carpet not being installed on the float or, you know, me falling through the docks. To my surprise the carpet had been installed, the tent was in place and the furniture had been delivered... all we had to do was unload Tom's truck and organize! 


Krogen 52' Keeper reppin' Kadey-Krogen and providing a beautiful backdrop to the TrawlerPort sign.

After a scorchingly hot yet relatively quick and painless set-up, we were invited to dinner by the good people of Yachting magazine. It was nice to catch up with those we knew and to meet new editors and writers. We chatted about the industry, our boats, the importance of digital integration into a marketing plan among other work-related matters. We also just talked about random things because at the end of the day relationships in the business are tantamount to marketing plans.


The menu at Shula's Steak House. If only it were purple... (Go Ravens!)

The opening day of the show was HOT. And humid. But we still managed to draw a steady crowd of people for most of the day. At the end of the show I had scheduled a virtual tour shoot for the Krogen 44' AE. The new model is still just as beautiful, just a few modifications made to make the boat that much more comforable and liveable. Tom's wife Karen came to help with decor and art direction for the shoot. It's sort of fun for us to have a wine-infused scramble from room to room to get everything ready for the photographer and then breaking it back down when he's finished. The finished product should be in our hand and on our site in just a few weeks so keep an eye out!

The new walk-in engine room on the Krogen 44' AE. The stairs lift creating easier access. The photographer's camera is set up to get the 360 view.

Oh, and did I mention this was Valentine's Day? Tom and Larry went to an AIM Media dinner and Karen and I got finished so late with the shoot that we just went back the hotel and had some yummy quiche Karen had made. And of course a little red wine. 

Happy Valentine's Day! If I couldn't spend it with my new hubby, this was certainly the next best thing. :)

During the night it poured and poured. And with the rains came the beginning of a cold front. Larry and I made our way to an early breakfast at the Eden Roc with Charlie and Jamie of Adams and Longino Advertising. This meal has become tradition and it's nice to see their faces after we spend so much time with emails and phone calls. They were pleased to report they had won three awards for projects they had done - and two of them were for work they had done for us! The Krogen 52' brochure as well as our hull comparison animation video were the big winners. Kudos to you, and thanks for all your hard work! 


Sunrise Thursday vs. Friday. Both gorgeous, but I prefer the sun and warmth!

Our float was protected from the weather by the tent, but with all the rain that was able to get the edges of the carpet we were walking through puddles. Fortunately one of the owners had a wet vac on board that we used to make the situation bearable. We had to empty that sucker at least 5 times.

Jim animatedly showcasing his wet vac skills.

 The owners were around for the duration of the show. They weren't necessarily around the float all day, but they'd go to the convention center and check out other displays. One of the things I love about the owners (and this goes for all KKY owners) is that they are all so darn loveable. They're friendly and caring. They're like an extension of family that you never expected to have. I know this could be said for a lot of the boating community and I might be a bit biased, but they're such great and genuine people. Anyway, we had a lot of owners who just happened to be in South Florida come to the show and pop in and say hi to us and meet the new owners as well. 


The nice owners of the Krogen 44' Sea Wolf let me borrow a hat and gloves. Overkill? Maybe, but in the shade of the tent and with the wind it really was quite frigid! Especially for Miami.

Traffic at the show through the weekend was really quite good. Friday afternoon was pretty dead once the rain started again, but aside from that we met a lot of new potential owners. I never get sick of hearing people's reactions who have just been on board a Kadey-Krogen for the first time. Always impressed with the craftsmanship and the liveability. If the engine room is open, we'll lose the men (and sometimes women) there for a long time. It's also amazing to me how many people know so much about us from all the research they've done online, but are just now making themselves known to us at the shows. If you are one of those people - let us know who you are by clicking here! While the website is a great resource, there's so much more that we can provide you with! Anyhoo, Sunday night was fun. We went to dinner with both pairs of owners of the boats at the show and the company. The hubs even came down since it was my birthday weekend and was able to come to dinner as well. Then we were off to play with our friends at PassageMaker Magazine in South Beach. I mean, we're in Miami. We need to have one big night, right? 


I miss my pal Christine from PMM, but Emily and Chrissy have proven themselves to be just as fun. Work hard, play hard ain't as easy as it used to be!

Monday, as always, was a very slow day. I don't think we had anyone on board until early afternoon, but ended up being a bit busy throught the afternoon. Oh, and I finally got to see my manatee! I hadn't seen one the entire show, so I was glad she finally made an appearance. 


My view on the empty float sitting on a surprisingly comfortable couch. We had Waypoints issues on all the tables that were a hit among the people who were waiting for their turn to get on board. Also, isn't the covered cock pit cozy? (As are my celebratory Ravens socks.)

Laura comes face to face with our ginormous manatee friend. (Yes, she hopped on someone else's boat to get the pic!) All in all - another great show! We're hosting an Open House at our Stuart office next Saturday, March 2 from 10-4. Please email me ( if you'd like to register to see a selection of our models. It's sure to be a fun event! Until next time..........