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Meeting the Pablo Ziegler Classical Tango Quartet

Sometimes it's not where you cruise on a Kadey-Krogen, but rather who you actually have the opportunity to meet by owning a Kadey-Krogen that is truly remarkable. This is most recently true for Douglas and Catherine Ellis, owners of Krogen 39' TARKA, who entertained world-class musicians and stowed a centuries-old violin (and a few other instruments) earlier this month!

KKY: How did this unique opportunity come to happen?

Douglas Ellis: This year, in their 17th season, the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival presented Nuevo Tango! On Lopez earlier this month. From Orcas Island, the festival needed to transport the musicians of the Pablo Ziegler Classical Tango Quartet and their instruments to Lopez Island. As a classical music aficionado and a friend of the Chamber, I was offered the opportunity to the meet world-renown musicians personally by cruising the group over to the unforgettable event on our Kadey-Krogen.

KKY: What instruments were transported?

Douglas Ellis: A double bass, two cellos, an over 300-year old Grancino violin, and a bandoneon. The violin alone probably cost more than my Krogen! In fact, violinist Aloysia Friedmann sold her New York City apartment to purchase the instrument.

KKY: How long was the trip?

Douglas Ellis: It was a short, 35-minute cruise—but the memories will last a life time!

KKY: Where did you safely stow the instruments...and where did you fit the double bass?