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Ice in the Upper Bay

So before the blog was hacked, one of the most popular posts was a Chesapeake Bay Pilot's account of his experience working through the horrible weather of Hurricane Irene. The skilled pilot, Bill Band, also happens to be my dad and a talented photographer. The following is an excerpt of a mass email detailing some recent trips on the Bay during the polar vortex, snowstorms, and bitter cold weather. I thought this would be something the Krogen enthusiasts would enjoy! Pretty cool.

Hope you're surviving the winter!  Thought you might like to see some recent pictures of Upper Chesapeake Bay.  I was up there on ships the past 2 days.  Almost 100% coverage, 6 to 8 inches in the heaviest areas.  Many navigational aids extinguished, off position, or just plain missing!  Really have to do some serious piloting.  Both ships were about 15,000 horsepower.  We were making turns for about 15 knots and only doing 9 knots in the heavy areas. Due to ice, the pilot transfer station at Chesapeake City is suspended.  Both the Delaware Pilots and Maryland Pilots are boarding the ships at the Delaware Capes, Philadelphia, Wilmington or Baltimore.  There is a certain beauty to it!
Stay warm!