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Adventures in Puerto Vallarta with the Family

Lynn and Neal Parker are cruising on board their Krogen 48' North Sea, Navigator. They recently cruised south to Mexico, where they will be hanging out until the beginning of May when they decide their next step. We're lucky enough to be on their email list, so we received the blog/photo journal just this week of their experience in Puerto Vallarta with a few extra family members on board. They were nice enough to give us their blessing to post it. Enjoy! ~ Shannon    

 Ever since being a fan of the Flipper TV show I’ve always wanted to meet a bottlenose dolphin.  Being pulled around by two of them was an amazing experience. Touching their smooth skin and interacting with them while watching them enjoy playing with us was the most fun.  Can you tell I’m having a good time?

We are releasing endangered Sea Turtle babies at sunset.  The turtle reserve holds the hatchlings until this time of the day to give the little guys the best chance to avoid predators as they make their way to sea.  We wished them well and hoped ours would be the lucky ones to return in eight years to lay more eggs on this beach for future generations.  Good luck Riptide, Squirt, Portland, Panama and Australia, swim fast! 


They are so tiny, not much more then shell and flippers, but the bird and sea predators think they are quite tasty. 


When in Mexico you must play a game of Mexican Train, a favorite domino game around here. 

Since Navigator was the talk on the docks and everybody was interested in her, we had an open house and many of our fellow boaters came aboard to visit and share stories.  We had a wonderful time and have met lots of great people who have helped our transition into this new world.  After the open house one boater asked if the boat was going up for sale.  Guess he hadn’t been around long enough to hear the whole story. 

Here’s a moth friend that came for a quick visit one afternoon.  Beautiful colors and a big guy too.


A boat went aground one evening and cruisers from the marina assisted with getting her pulled off the beach and towed to safety.  It was quite a community effort and took many hours of hard work, and a few high tides, before she was pulled off the beach in the wee hours of the morning.


Ah, our first day at anchor after spending so long in the marina.  The water is gorgeous and we had lots of little fish swimming around our boat when we were anchored out.  We think they liked to hide under the boat to protect them from the pelicans and frigate birds which were constantly diving all around us. We took a swim around the boat in the nearly 80 degree water, it felt grand.


A successful launch of the dingy now officially named Parkerbird. We took her for a spin along the shoreline and explored the sights.  She zips along nicely. We’re making sure everything is ready for the next big trip across the Sea of Cortez . . .