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The Voyage of Krogen 48 North Sea Navigator: North to Alaska
— by Miklos & Barbara Endrody

A typical day aboard Navigator in Alaska passage


When we wake up at an anchorage, we usually run the generator (12 KW) about two hours to recharge batteries used the night before for watching television and powering the freezers. We make breakfast, shower and then run the towels in the dryer. Depending on the anchorage, we run our water maker that in these cooler sea temperatures typically makes between 13 to 15 gallons per hour–it's rated for 25 GPH but at higher temperatures. After our morning duties we weigh anchor for our next destination, switching the electrical system when we're underway to the inverter so the batteries can produce 110 volts needed for the microwave and electric teapot.


Underway, Barb is the lookout for rocks, logs and bergies. Mik looks at the charts and plotter or adjusts the autopilot. Of course there is the wildlife and beautiful scenery!

After reaching our destination, we anchor and run the generator at dinnertime for cooking and topping off the batteries. If a mountain is not obstructing our satellite TV tracking antenna, we watch TV and Mik usually downloads the weather fax from the Port Reyes NOAA station. He does this using a ham radio communications receiver and a MacIntosh Powerbook. This way we can better monitor the weather reports since the Canadian weather service is difficult to receive due to the high mountains.

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