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The Voyage of Krogen 48 North Sea Jabberwock: Sailing Toward a Kadey-Krogen
— Phillip and Catherine Mousley

Bigger companies, smaller companies, different layouts, different fit and finish–we kept returning to the Kadey-Krogen. Nice, enthusiastic people at the booth and most of them turn out to be owners. So we back off to find out two things: First, can all Kadey-Krogen owners be this happy? We were about to travel the ICW to Florida so we would make inquiries. Second, no way were we going to purchase a boat that claims to be ocean going without seeing  for ourselves.
    As we traveled south down the ICW we spoke with Kadey-Krogen owners–owners with a twenty-year-old boat, with a boat three months old, and one pair who had their new boat lost at sea on the delivery vessel from Taiwan during a typhoon–and not one had a bad word to say. They were fanatics. It was like a club!
    We appear at the company’s Stuart, FL, office. “Okay, so it seems your owners like their boats. Friday is forecast to be Florida’s coldest day in two years, with winds 30-35 knots out of the north, and we want a sea trial.”
    It was bitterly cold as we left the dock but once we had the warps and fenders stowed, being in our shirtsleeves in that nice pilothouse was an experience in itself. As we approached St. Lucie Inlet the seas were crashing over both breakwaters with white foam 15-20 feet high, and we were just waiting for the captain to say that maybe this was a bit boisterous, let’s turn back. He kept going!
    Describing wave conditions to someone can be difficult but if the Krogen could handle what we were in, yes, the yacht deserved ranking as ocean going. We took seas beam on, we took them down wind, we took them straight on with solid water over the bow and crashing against the pilot house, and then we did it all again with the stabilizers off! Could you move all around the boat in these conditions? Could you potentially cook, eat, sleep and use the heads? The answer came up trumps and we had ourselves a proper boat.
    Today it’s four years on with our North Sea 48', and the company accommodated our every whim (there were just a few you understand), and their staff being a pleasure to deal with, here we are at the shows with other Kadey-Krogen owners, extolling the virtues of our boats. We have joined the family.
    So what seas took us here from our home in Lymington, England? Writing only a few paragraphs about what led us to Kadey-Krogen’s door is not an easy task. So much water under the keel, so many adventures–for better and worse–not what
we had in mind during our wedding vows in 1980 as we had never sailed or boated in any form whatsoever.
    Here are some of Phillip’s journal entries starting in 1984, a year after picking up a Learn to Navigate book from a boat show in London, England. We couldn’t wait to go to sea. Little did we know where it all would lead.