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The Voyage of Krogen 48 North Sea Jabberwock: Sailing Toward a Kadey-Krogen
— Phillip and Catherine Mousley

We are sitting on a Kadey-Krogen North Sea 48' at the yacht club just outside the 2003 Annapolis Power Boat Show, as the first couple of the afternoon approaches the boat for us to give them a tour. Twelve months previous at the 2002 show we were hardly aware of the name Kadey-Krogen. Do we work for Kadey-Krogen Yachts? No, we do not, and we have not yet taken delivery of our own Krogen. Something eerie goes on when Kadey-Krogen exhibits at a boat show.
    A bit of background: We are a British couple who have sailed for twenty years and started boating very green behind the ears. After four sailboats, thousands of miles of racing and cruising, three Atlantic crossings, being knocked out and knocked off a boat, and saying our goodbyes to each other in hurricane force winds–all in sailboats–we might use the words “slightly experienced and still married.” But wait a bit for those tales.
    From the very start we always recorded a “New Boat List” in the back of our logbook to remind us what to look for in the next boat. When we finally retired from business, our last sailboat purchased was, we thought, the answer to our ultimate list. But two-handing across the Atlantic, two-and-a-half hours on and two-and-a-half off, and six times up and down the mast, wore us out. So our ten-year plan became a three-year plan as we meandered around the 2002 Annapolis Boat Show.
    We always thought that when we wanted to move from sailboats we would purchase a “Grand Banks,” a generic term to us a bit like “Hoover” is to vacuum cleaners. As we departed from the eponymous show booth Catherine said, “You know when you buy a boat you have to feel emotion? There was none.” We were looking for a boat that we still could be adventurous in but didn’t include banging our heads several times a week, or fighting to get the toys from their hidden depths. Our mountain bikes had hardly been ridden and my wind surfboard just once, such was the task to extract them from our 48-foot sailor.
    “Why don’t we go and take a look at a Kadey-Krogen?” said Phillip. “Where on earth did you get that name from?” asked Catherine. “I have no idea.” And it was love at first sight, with emotion running high. But hang on; we have only just discovered the trawler market, and let’s go see the competition.

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