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The Voyage of Krogen 58 Billy The Eagle: The Downeast Circle Route
— Charlie and Marcia Corbett

Many Kadey-Krogen followers are familiar with Billy the Eagle, the Krogen 58' owned by Marcia and Charlie Corbett, along with Marcia’s cousin Norman Gaut and his wife, Madeleine. The Corbett’s hailing port is Durango, CO, though as Charlie says, “Billy has obviously never been there.” Billy has been many places, as the Corbetts have spent the past five years aboard cruising Canada, New England, the Chesapeake, the southern United States, the Bahamas and down to the Yucatan. “We’re not sure about our next major trip. We’ve begun thinking about a Panama Canal passage then up the coast of Central America, Mexico, and on to British Columbia and Alaska. There is a lifetime of exploring to be done.” In the summer of 2005, their great adventure was the northeast U.S.-Canadian Downeast Circle Route.
    New York City is alive and bustling. The Manhattan skyline shimmers across the Hudson in the beautiful morning sun. The welcoming outstretched arms of the Statue of Liberty send tingles through our bodies. The VHF crackles with calls of ferries, tugs, yachts, and freighters–all trying to bring some order to the amazing flow of traffic in a harbor which is one of the world’s busiest.
    It is 8:00 A.M., June 15, 2005, and Billy the Eagle has just left her slip at Liberty Landing, Jersey City, NJ. Gear and food are aboard; fuel and water tanks are full. We store our fenders and dock lines as we have done many times before, but today something is different. Instead of heading east for the East River and then up, or heading south for Sandy Hook and the Atlantic, we turn north and go up the Hudson.  This will indeed be an unusual adventure for us.
    It all began several months earlier. A group of Krogen owners in Florida wanted to plan a summer cruise that would be memorable and a bit different. Where could we go that would be challenging but not prone to tropical weather systems? We wanted a combination of friendly people and dramatic scenery. We wanted to cover “a path less traveled” but something easier than following Joshua Slocum’s circumnavigation route. One owner recalled a presentation from the prior fall Krogen Rendezvous on “The Downeast Circle Route.” This sounded perfect. We borrowed a copy of Capt. Cheryl Barr’s Cruising Guide to the Downeast Circle Route and began planning.

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