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A Kadey-Krogen yacht's fine entry slices through the water.
Thanks to the characteristic fine entry and the end-to-end symmetry of the Kadey-Krogen design, the yacht moves through the water with little disturbance.
Besides the Architectural Integrity of a Kadey-Krogen, the hull design is perhaps the most important reason why seasoned mariners are attracted in the first place and also why so many come to love the brand. Each and every Krogen yacht begins with Kadey-Krogen’s exclusive Pure Full Displacement® (PFD) hull-a masterpiece design for full displacement pleasure yachts, originally created in the 1970s by James S. Krogen. This is a hull form with ideal displacement-to-length ratios, a fine entry, and characteristic end-to-end symmetry including the signature “wineglass” transom-all producing a ride that is truly without equal. We are singular in focus and only build this proven, reliable seaworthy and sea kindly cruising hull form. The Pure Full Displacement hull design does what it does so well, that cruisers are ensured a safer and more comfortable time aboard when compared to vessels built upon other hull forms. Only the pure full displacement hull provides the stability for comfort plus ample room for the fuel and supplies needed to make long passages or cross an ocean. And only the exclusive Kadey-Krogen hull form allows us to combine the elements to deliver capability and liveability so perfectly.
A Kadey-Krogen’s “wineglass” transom is a key component to the symmetry of the hull and helps explain the magnificent ride.

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Find out why a symmetrical hull design allows a Kadey-Krogen to track better, making for a safer and more comfortable ride in a following sea.
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