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MAGAZINE ARTICLES: Click on the title of an article below to view the article in a new window.
These articles include the Krogen 48' AE as well as the Krogen 48' North Sea and are labeled accordingly.

Kadey-Krogen 48 AE  (Krogen 48' AE)
by Boat U.S., June 2012, Boat U.S.

Long-Distance Runner  (Krogen 48' AE)
by Captain Bill Pike, December 2011, Power & Motoryacht

Kadey-Krogen 48 Goes Ergonomic  (Krogen 48' AE)
by Peter Janssen, March 2011, Motorboating

Seasoned Traveler  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Jeff Moser, March 2016, Yachting Magazine

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Soaking up Life from the Water  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Ellen Honey, December 1969, Marina Life

SNAPSHOT  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by PassageMaker Editorial Team, January 2015, PassageMaker magazine

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Last Frontier  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Daniel Harding, December 1969, Power Cruising

Stately Home  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by John Ford, September 2014, Trade A Boat

Venezuela's Macareo River  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Chuck Shipley, July 2013, Passagemaker Magazine

Dreaming Of Living Aboard?  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
January 2013, Sea Magazine

A Family Affair  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Michael Samway, October 2012, Passagemaker Magazine

At Home on Any Sea  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Charlotte Zang, April 2012, The Shore Life

Cruising the Offshort Islands of Venezuela  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Charles Shipley, July 2011, Passagemaker

Liveaboard Can't-Live-Withouts  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Ron Inberg, Krogen Owner, April 2011, Sea Magazine

Dreamboat: Kadey-Krogen 48' North Sea  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Gary Reich, October 2010, PropTalk

Kadey Krogen 48': A West Coast-Friendly Cruiser with Range to Spare  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Mike Werling, September 2010, Sea Magazine

A Systems Approach  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Peter A. Janssen, September 2010, MotorBoating

Bow to the Horizon  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Christopher White, August 2010, Yachting Magazine

482: There's a New Version of the 48' North Sea for a New Decade  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Marilyn Mower, March 2010, Southern Boating

Krogen 48' North Sea- A True Passagemaker Ready for Adventure  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Heather Steinberger, September 2009, Lakeland Boating

Dreams Come True  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Sarah E. Moore, June 2002, Great Lakes Boating Magazine

The Krogen 48' CL  (Krogen 48' North Sea)
by Bill Parlatore, June 1996, PassageMaker Magazine